Twitter For Windows 10 Update Brings Quote Tweet Support, Trending Stories Page And More

Twitter now has an updated Windows 10 app that brings a neat new section called “Happening Now,” which is essentially a trending stories page.

Otherwise, the new Twitter for Windows 10 update brings the app on par with other versions. Users have been complaining that Twitter for Windows 10 was missing a number of key features available on other versions, and the new update finally addresses such drawbacks.

One such improvement is the way users can quote tweets. The Twitter version for the web and mobile apps has allowed users to quote tweets without wasting characters for a good while now, but the Windows 10 version is only getting it now with the new version 4.1.0.

The “Happening Now” feature, however, is something new. This section shows popular stories in a grid — serving as a trending stories page for Twitter posts. While this section – which shows trending stories in general – seems like a promising addition, it doesn’t seem to filter them based on individual user interests. On the bright side, users can see trending stories even without logging into their account (see image above).

The addition of this feature also brings along a slight layout change to make room for it. In the top left menu, users can now see Home, Happening Now, Notifications, Messages and Me sections, from top to bottom. In the lower left menu, users can now find Search, New Tweet and Refresh options.

It remains unclear at this point just when the new Twitter app will become available for Windows 10 Mobile as well — especially considering that the mobile OS is still in beta for now. In any case, when Windows 10 Mobile is ready to roll out officially, it should come with Twitter and other such “universal” apps that are designed work with all Windows 10 platforms.

For now, the new Twitter app for Windows 10 is live and available for download from the Microsoft Store, with the latest version 4.1 replacing the previous 4.0.7. It could still use a tweak or two, but it’s nevertheless an improvement.